• Architectural designs

    Calculation and structural design of buildings

    Calculation and design of hydraulic structures

    Structural pathology studies

    Environmental impact studies and management plans (PMA)

    Design of aqueducts and sewers

    Design of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants

    Geotechnical engineering (Soil studies, slope design, pavements, laboratory tests, etc.)

    Design and structuring of land use plans

    Technical and legal advice of projects

    Property management.

    Notarial and registry management

    Technical, administrative and financial audit of projects

Project management

Gerencia de proyectos

  • Management and direction of construction projects

    Supervision of studies and designs

    Pre-feasibility studies and technical and financial feasibility of projects.

    Basic and conceptual engineering

    Detail engineering

    Project planning and programming

    Evaluation and control of projects

    Technical and financial structuring of investment projects

    Project technical, financial and legal advice

    Advice and monitoring during construction



  • Construction of residential, industrial and institutional buildings.

    Construction of civil works such as canals, platforms, rigid and flexible pavement, etc.

    Programming and budget control of the work during execution.

    Specialized labor services for projects with industrialized system.

    Hydrosanitary installations in buildings.

    Construction of aqueducts, sewage and drinking water treatment plants and served.

    Construction of deep wells.

    Installation of gas lines, laying of fiber optic networks and electrical lines.

    Maintenance and restoration of buildings.

    Interior design and office spaces.
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