FD ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION | FDINCON was born from the union of three friends with extensive experience in the construction of civil works, engineering designs, consulting and auditing. The idea was to consolidate all those experiences, knowledge and skills that we had in a personal capacity and place them at the service of the community. The firm as such, already has some experience in projects related to institutional and commercial maintenance, remodeling, auditing and currently in the field of property consulting.

Fd Engineering and Construction | fd incon, are a contractor company dedicated to providing engineering and construction services for industrial, institutional and housing projects in the Colombian Caribbean region (Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Sincelejo, Montería, Valledupar, Riohacha, etc). We have a highly trained human team that generates accurate solutions oriented to the needs of our customers.

We are known for being rigorous in the quality of the work carried out, thus achieving a product of high value and opportunities for personal and professional growth for our employees.

In 2025 we want to be positioned as one of the best engineering and construction contractors in the region with national and international scope, which participates and generates economic, social and environmental development projects, being benchmarks of quality, innovation and professional growth.

Teamwork, passion for what we do and discipline, characterize us
Our work is oriented to result and excellence. We generate quality products
- Authentic relationships
- We keep promises
- Transparent business
#SomosCaribe, we are committed to the region

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